Hospitality is everwhere: let’s reacquaint ourselves

P4_grey Check-in, check-out, take-off and landing, here and there, over and above… it is a big world out there. To live and experience destinations, you will never forget. Not because of their image, because of their identity.

Addicted to image-related characteristics, we missed the identity link – time to reacquaint ourselves. Who we are, where we are going and why? From Australia and El Salvador to Monemvasia, Syros, Kea, Methoni, Kefalonia and from Baltic and Balkans, back to where Scandinavia meets the world; these are only some of the stopovers to be shared with fellow travellers  within the next couple of days in Messinia, Peloponnese.

The call for “landing” in Kalamata might be the next reason for a reunion. Our speech [“Hospitality is everywhere: let’s acquaint ourselves”] will be delivered on Tuesday 21st November (@ 12:00 pm) at Kalamata School of Tourism [page in Greek].

Special invitation for sophisticated voyagers, who travel to educate themselves, but also pave the way for travel education.

Indeed, hospitality is all around. “The small world, the great” goes well beyond the highly respectful tribute to Odysseas Elytis and showcases the overarching enthusiasm of more than 1,000 attendants, tourism professionals from Peloponnese and regions around Greece (Rhodes, Crete, Chalkidiki, Corfu, Paros etc.) ready to join the School of Tourism, to be held in Kalamata between 20-22 November 2017.

This particular event is dedicated to #synergies, bringing together the joy of creative craziness of a small group with the kind support of Costa Navarino and Elite City Resort in the city of Kalamata. For seven consecutive years, tourism, f&b, gastronomy and wellness fill the 3-day agenda of the School of Tourism.

Behind travel guides, destinations boast about their achievements and rankings in the global arena. This is where the hospitality service value chain triggers smaller or greater, less important or more critical interactions, which are responsible for the ever-growing figure of international arrivals – almost 1.5 billion travellers around the world.

Hospitality is everywhere and the world is out there, waiting for you.

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