New “People” & the floor is yours

It’s certainly a big world out there and I enjoy imagining people with somewhere to go! Simple images of people with luggage waiting at a nearby station mesmerise me. Whenever I lift my head and see an airplane flying above, I feel that my dreams begin to fly. Just 2 years after landing on “your world sophisticated travel map”, time has come for “the voyager voice” to welcome the updated version of the “People” section.

The first travel community blog site designed in Greece, now travelling all over the world, welcomes on its international platform [] truly cosmopolitan and sophisticated world voyagers from an array of global map points.

Day after day, followers of “the voyager voice” appear as moving blips in the US, the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Canada and Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Italy, France, Sweden and the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Austria, China and Russia, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Turkey and the UAE, Denmark, Poland, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Qatar.

Part of “the voyager voice’s” reality is created through your personal shares and hashtags. New “voices” whisper on the social media networks @voyagervoice [facebook, instagram, tumblr]. They are new creators of the aesthetic dimensions of travelling.

You are and we are all out there. If you asked me a few months ago on my dreams about “the voyager voice”, I would talk about a selective travel community steadily built and constantly rising, which is continuously travelling with me throughout the posts. Now, I confess that your shares and hashtags, your calls for new posts and interviews are taking the travelling in me a step further.

“The voyager voice’s” rich DNA nests in its people and, from now on, the “People” section welcomes a new traveller’s experience approach. World travellers will very soon accompany key-experts from the industry with new interviews, great experiences on the 4Ps of travel co-creation (Priceless, Places, People, Perspectives), more destinations and wide horizons; and all together, we will re-set the scene for the new “People”, those who work in this sector and those who travel alike.

Stay tuned because the world is out there and the floor is yours… Wholeheartedly borrowing the closing slide from my PhD viva a few years ago… “wherever your next travel takes you, I really hope it is profitable!”

So when I fly, you fly 🛫 we fly together
& when I travel, you travel 🌐 we travel together
we travel forever!

the voyager voice
your world sophisticated travel map

* Special thanks to Addo for the cinematic looking cover photo
** Credits to Faye Skenteris for the co-creation in the final proof-reading

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