Year-round guide for the traveller who plans, discovers and revisits; a trigger of the five senses to entice you to the distillation process of the true experience. Places of various altitude and meteo changes condense the intellectual substance of expectation, the magic of reminiscence and the desire for another journey. Yet the story goes on…

Embracing the elsewhere, we can’t wait but click the “read more” option to be guided in this category. Roadtrips and worldwide trips, start from a single country and extrapolate the value of rediscovery to cross-national wanders. Because if you have spent time travelling your own country, you can scrutinise the rather different ways people apprehend social realities, welcome new hearings, tastes and smells. In the dialogue between stone and snow, we are sliding slopes, walking the urban scenery and continue at full sail to admire shapes and structures in various cities, regions and countries.

The voyage has just started and the only thing remaining is the interaction between destination and traveller in order to reach absolute freedom without boundaries, feel yesterday’s emotions, today’s reassurance and tomorrow’s expectations.

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greek version | ελληνικά

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