Your world sophisticated travel map enhanced with tips, guides, views and interviews. “The voyager voice” adores travelling before the very start and conveys to you a special co-travel invitation. New meet and greets, acquaintance with cross-cultural settings, high standard accommodation, gastronomy selections, critical reviews and personal well-being reconsidered. Bound for departure with “the voyager voice”…

Being travellers not tourists, we are following “the voyager voice” ready to plot precise trails, meet people and take the best out of every travel detail. New emotions zoom into the essence of travelling and hold considerable weight in our future plans.

“The voyager voice” is the first travel community blog site designed in Greece, now travelling around the world, notably addressed to truly cosmopolitan and sophisticated world voyagers. It follows a distinct route with a vision to co-formulate a world travel map together with voyagers, who check-in to an integrated view of destinations, people, services and their interrelationships. It hosts interviews and makes reference to the human centric character of travelling, which sets the scene for indulgent getaways.

The aim of “the voyager voice” is to reposition travel and tourism, through unique destination experience, monitoring and promotion of best practices in hospitality, restaurant and other high-value services, which compose the Puzzle of the 4Ps to travel with:

Priceless: tips, hospitality reviews and feature articles [www.thevoyagervoice.com/priceless]

  Places: must-see destinations [www.thevoyagervoice.com/places]

  People: interviews with key-experts [www.thevoyagervoice.com/people]

  Perspectives: critical views, trends and prospects on global hospitality, travel and tourism [www.thevoyagervoice.com/perspectives]

The travel mix of the 4Ps is intertwined with the voyager’s en-route charts – for more details click here [services].

Based on the concept of Priceless Places & People Perspectives, all forces collude to the next travel and the passport of indulgence is stamped on every next click.


Follow “the voyager voice” to your destinations:

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the voyager voice
your world sophisticated travel map

greek version | ελληνικά

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