Go multi-travel-lingual: yet another take off!

It was about time! Almost 1 year after the successful launch of “the voyager voice”, its main virtual platform [www.thevoyagervoice.com] is steadily transformed into a truly international community blog site (after a transitional period of translation in English), reaching a new milestone in its global travel pathway, following the pattern of its social media networks @thevoyagervoice [facebook, instagram, tumblr].

Unlimited possibilities open up in a world of 7,102 languages, where 23 languages make up the native tongue of 4,1 billion people. Multi-travel-lingual experiences are now becoming the norm rather than the exception. The “language acquisition device”, proposed by Noam Chomsky back in the 1960’s has always been the ideal luggage for all those who have a passion for hospitality and tourism, travelling without restrictions, irrespective of scope and frequency.

Because I have always liked the people of somewhere to go, I could not resist but follow new trails to develop my travel “raison d’être”. From my early life, I tried to share ideas, develop networks, create knowledge; every attempt ascertained me that language exposure is a game changer, satisfying the biggest expectations beyond the inner comfort zone.

Image: Unesco | Source:  McGuirk, C.T. (2017). Not very good at learning languages? Here’s why you are wrong. http://www.weforum.org. [Accessed 8 April 2017]

Based on current educational, reseach and professional experience, I decided to generate a new itinerary on the world travel map with the sophisticated character of “the voyager voice”, which adds further aesthetic quality to the combination of academic knowledge and industrial practice.

Benefiting from its position as the first travel community blog site designed in Greece, now travelling around the world, notably addressed to truly cosmopolitan and sophisticated world voyagers, “the voyager voice” aims at repositioning travel and tourism, through unique destination experiences, monitoring and promotion of best practices in hospitality, restaurant and other high-value services, which compose the Puzzle of the 4Ps to travel with:

Priceless: tips, hospitality reviews and feature articles [www.thevoyagervoice.com/priceless]

  Places: must-see destinations [www.thevoyagervoice.com/places]

  People: interviews with key-experts [www.thevoyagervoice.com/people]

  Perspectives: critical views, trends and prospects on global hospitality, travel and tourism [www.thevoyagervoice.com/perspectives]

Based on the concept of Priceless Places & People Perspectives, all forces collude to the next travel and the passport of indulgence is stamped on every next click.

Bound for many more familiar language stopovers and travel-lingual take offs in the future,

Καλά ταξίδια!
Bon voyage!
Buono viaggio!
İyi yolculuklar!
Buen viaje!
一路平安 (yī lù píng ān)

Dr. Antonios Giannopoulos
Founder & Editor

[click here to read more about the voyager]

the voyager voice
your world sophisticated travel map

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  1. 33Jose says:

    I must say it was hard to find your website in google.
    You write awesome posts but you should rank your website higher in search
    engines. If you don’t know how to do it search on youtube:
    how to rank a website Marcel’s way


    1. Your feedback is deeply appreciated; actually results in search engines will appear in the next couple of weeks because the blog has just been launched in english. I will definitely check it. Welcome aboard!


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